Cookie policy

We use cookies in our website for different reasons, for example to create a better experience for the users and to make analysis.

A cookie is a little text file that is saved in users computers or in their mobile devices when they visit a website.


Description of the cookies used by this website

  • Technical session cookies

They are essential for a normal website navigation and for its correct  working. They are used to manage the session and the access to the reserved functions, if present.

  • Technical operation cookies

These cookies are used to simplify the navigation and the use of the website, and to improve the performance and the usability. They allow the navigation through a serie of selected criteria(for example, the language) in order to improve the service to the user.

  • Technical tracking cookies

These cookies are used to gather and analize the traffic and the anonimous use of the website. For example they allow, without identify the user, to notice if the same user connect in different moments. They also allow to monitor the system and improve performance and usability. The disabling of these cookies can be done without any funcionality loss.

This website uses Google Analytics.

If you want to prevent Google to take over a cookie and to process data, you can download and install this  plugin for your browser.


How to manage and disable cookies

The majority of internet browsers is set up to accept cookies in an automatic way.

However, you can set up your browser in every moment to accept all the cookies, only some of them, or refuse them disabling their use from the website. Furthermore, you can set up the preferences of your browser in order to be notified when a cookie is saved in your computer memory.

At the end of each session you can cancel from the hard disk the collected cookies, but in some cases you may have troubles in the use of the website: the full or partial disabling of technical cookies may compromise the website functionalities while the disabling of third part cookies doesn’t prejudice the navigability in any way.

As each browser has a different procedure to manage the cookie preferences, you can find detailed information in your browser guide. Below some links that help you to modify cookie policy for the most used browsers:


Using this website the user accepts to use the cookies in accordance with what is written in this policy.

If the user doesn’t interact with consent module and exits from the information panel prosecuting the navigation, the agreement is meant to be given for all the cookies already mentioned.